May 20, 2009

The Bucket List

Today in research subject, we watched one movie. Firstly i didn't know what kind of film that was, but after watched it, I think that is a very good film. It teached me how to more appreciate my life. The film called "The Bucket List". Here the synopsis!

A long time ago, freshman Carter Chambers (Freeman) was asked by his philosophy tutor to create a 'bucket list' - a collection of things to do and see before kicking the bucket. But like most people, Carter's life got in the way, and while he was busy raising a family and running a business his list turned into a mental exercise designed to pass the time while working on a car. And then Carter finds himself in hospital, undergoing chemotherapy, and sharing a room with billionaire Edward Cole (Nicholson), owner of the hospital and creator of its (unbelievable in America) no private rooms policy. With plenty of time to think, and not much time left, the two men realise that they want to use the time they have left well.

End of this film was the most interesting for me. I never thought that the end will be like that. I also suggest you to see this film too. I nearly wept watching it, haha. Research subject at my school, often filled with watching film together. After we watched "21" which story was about a genius student in MIT who learn black jack game and won a big deal in las vegas about 2 weeks ago, now we watched this one. Another film that have been we watched in this subject were "Monk" which story was about a detective who has a strange dissorder, and "Upin and Ipin" a cartoon made in Malaysia which is very cute and funny^^.

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