June 7, 2009

I ♥ poupèegirl !

hey what is poupèegirl? Poupèegirl is a social community service full of information about fashion.You can share your own fashion items with your friends at Poupeegirl and you canget comments from your friends. You can also have your doll ”Poupèe” and enjoy dressing them up as you like. Poupèe means "doll" in French. Inside Poupèe girl, we call the character you made for yourself "poupèe".

There are 3ways to get dressing up items.

1. To post item photos

You can post a picture of your item and get a dressing up item.

If you post an item more than 5 times a day, there will be more chances to get a shell.

2.To buy dressing up items at "Katharines’s shop or at the "Poupee Market".

You can buy dressing up items at "Katharines’s shop or at the "Poupee Market".
You can also sell dressing up items that you don’t need anymore at the "Poupee Market".

3.Exchange at the "Shell Spring".

You can exchange 5 shells with one dressing up item.


I really enjoy to play this stuff, let me show you my poupèe!
this is "Lillie" my cutie poupèe

I also wear the different clothes for Lillie today..
uooh very nice outfit right?

do you want to play it too? just tell me if you make a poupèegirl ID okay? we will be friend there :)
this is the link to go to poupèegirl site, just click the image below XD, meet you there okay :D

poupeegirl fashion brand community


komanechi said...

gue punyaaaaaaaa :D
namanya komanechi, tapi gue nggak ngerti buat bikin banyak ribbon

Yuna Prad-jipet said...

yuri aku juga bikin hehe. aduh tapi rada puyeng abis pake tulisan jepang gitu ._.
mau jadi temen gitu gimana sih?