June 11, 2010

Errggh... Liburan dulu ya internetnya

Hei fellas!
With this post, I just want to announce that I might not online for the rest of days I'll be here in the US (or possibly if I'll online, it'll be just a 'little bit').

The reasons are,

1. Our internet connection at home has problem, so I can't online.
2. I'm pretty busy this summer, I have to do a lot of things before I get back to DC.
3. I want to fill my summer vacation with activities that make my last days here memorable (instead of using computer all day).

So, if you need a proper talk with me these days, I'm so sorry, we might can't. Well but if you write me on facebook, I'll 'probably' reply it, even though not an immediate respond.

Hope y'all understand, but don't worry, whenever I can online, I'll try :)
And of course, after I get back to Indonesia, I'll online just like normal again.

Love you <3