November 26, 2010

Finally I settled down there

Finally I settled down in my class room. First days there, I feel kinda uncomfy, well they were my junior, I was their senior, not everyone knew me, and I didn't knew everyone either. The first challange was to find a seat, and finally now, I have my seat at the second row table.

Honestly, I like my class now 'better' than my old one, eventho (almost) everybody call me 'kak', I feel I can be friend with everyone there. I can be myself there, I do what I want, and my classmates seem fine with my attitude, so do I respect what they're doing.

I feel my classmates now, respect me better, I'm so happy with this :) And fyi, now I'm curretly the class representation for year book committee. I'm so glad that I'm in XII Science 4, but I feel kinda tired with school and all those crapy fuckin study thing. Wish me luck for my last school year :) Love y'all..

(photo sources : thanks to Dika :D)


Vandy Houten said...

kindly miss my high school things..

good luck for your final exam then lily.. :D

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

thank you for your support :)

where's your hs was?

Vandy Houten said...

my hs was in central of jakarta.

not have much fun there, but i learnt about life survival! LOL

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

duh, i actually hate school too, school is so damn sucks, but I have to pass it hahaha :D i love my friends though, but i cant wait till next year and go to college, learn something that i really love to :)

Vandy Houten said...

Yeah school is sucks, but College is very damn sucks, you'll know till you find it. I hope the future me will see you sit in your dream college.

sapigenik said...

baru liat lw pake jilbab,nice^^
manis tau,hahahaha
itu pake terus ato cuma ps sekolah?

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

haha itu emg di sekolah lily alim huehehehehehe :p