February 29, 2012

A letter from Slovakia :)

Guess what, my sister when I was in the United States sent me a letter and I just got it this morning yeay! My sissy, Gabika is Slovakian, we lived together in the same house, same room, for almost a year, and of course we made a really good friend and I consider her more than a friend, she is my sister, ah let me make it clearer, she is the BEST sister I have :)

And this is the letter I've got :D

Well you may a lil bit confuse, isn't my birthday is on March? Why Gab wrote me a happy birthday? Okay let me explain, in the Slovak Republic, people likely to celebrate their birthday twice a year. First is the born day, second is the name day. So every single day in the calendar has a name, and a people who has that name celebrate the name day at those day. And at February 20nd was a day for peoples named 'Livia' so that day was my name day, that's why Gabi wrote me a 'Happy Birthday' :)

You may want to take a look how pretty my sister is :)

Isn't she looks so good????????? Hahaha, yes she is! And I am her sister! Don't get jealous :p

I love her, and I miss her so bad :( it is almost 2 years since we're back to our countries and after then we just communicate through internet... Ah I promise I'll come there someday (when I have the money of course), and Gab, please wait for my long long pretty letter! I love you so muuuuucccch!!!


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