March 24, 2012

It was my birthday!

Last thursday was my 20th birthday. Okay, does twenty sounds that old? Yes I am old now, and I said to myself that day, "Welcome to the adulthood." So, how was my birthday went on?

My dear friend Naufal made me a big greeting card for my birthday, it is a little bit touchy, I am so glad he made this card for me :)

And I got this breakfast set from Najmi, Ayu, and Joddy (ps : I love nutella so bad!)

Shortly after I got back to my dorm, I found a mysterious gift, well of course I knew it ever since, it must be come from Yamin, thank you :) He gave me an umbrella, a thermos water bottle, and a fancy card :)
You may want to take a further look for Yamin's fancy card ;)

My mommy also came here on my birthday :D Yeaaayyy!
And we had a fancy dinner at Atmosphere :3

On the next day (March 23rd), with my Mommy support, I finally bought my dream camera :DD Pentax Optio RS 1500. It is a funky one and I LOVE IT!

And then we had a lunch at Mie Kocok Kebon Jukut :)

At the evening, I went to Dago Pakar and saw a great Bandung city view from Igelanca Cafe :)

That was my great birthday :) I hope I could be better in this new age. Thanks for all who made my birthday memorable. Thanks for Allah SWT, my beloved mommy, my friends : Naufal, Najmi, Joddy, Ayu, Inos, Angga, Dani, Yamin, and also thanks for all who wished me a happy birthday, I love you all just sooooo bad!



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