December 29, 2012

Picnic Frenzy on Christmas Day

So December is coming to the end yippie! What is your plan for new year eve? I have none but I will definitely out for something :D And how was christmas? What did you do on that day? You know what did I do last christmas?? Went for a picnic frenzy! As you see, I went picnic with 4 boys grown adult (Kak Hajid, Kak Derri, Kak Letto, Kak Pale) who are my seniors from itb, they are alumnus of product design major batch 2007 (well happily even tho the generation gap is pretty wide, we make good friends together!). We did our picnic at Taman Cempaka (well that also my first time knowing about this park!), we did bring our lunch, and a pack of hello kitty playing card. We played, we chit-chatted, talk about gossips and stuffs.

eat eat


talked and chit-chatted

card playing!
It was so much fun anyway :) And we're planning to go picnic again in the near future, possibly next month and we're going to another park in Bandung City! I just can't wait for the next one! So now, I just have to think, what should I do on new year? Any idea?

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