May 30, 2013

Holy-Day is Coooooming!

So, hello everyone! Long time since the last post huh? I've been sooooo busy with college, tasks, assignments, tests, and deadline. And I'm proudly say, Welcome Holy-Day! And yeees, of course I have tons of plan to enjoy it!

1. Gardening
I've got a set of sunflower seeds from my senior, and yes I'll plant it! I also want to buy the other kind of seeds like kangkung or bayam seeds. I will make a mini garden on my kost-an :3 I've asked my friend's papa (who love gardening!) for advice, and he told me as many things I want to know! Getting ready for my gardening plan!

2. Be a Liaison Officer
From 3rd-9th of June, I'll be a LO for 3 chinese(s) who come here to participate a contest at ITB. I'll also take them to some of great spots here in Bandung, and be a tour guide is must be a fun thing! I love to know someone new, especially someone who come far away to Indonesia :3

3. Knit knit knit!
And yes, I love knitting! I plan to make few knitted pencil cases so I can sell it.

4. Damel 2nd Production
I own a business called Damel. We sell handmade genuine leather wallet, and the 2nd production will be held during this holiday :)

And that's all my plan, I may have some the other impulsive plans, and I can't wait :3 anyway I think I'll start do some reccomendation too later!

On august also, I'll enroll a sundanese dances course at Gelanggang Pemuda Bandung, soooo excited!

Yep that's all, next time next stories okaaay :*
Love y'all!

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