May 21, 2009

Fertilization in Vitro

Do you know what is the tube baby and how the process until the birth?
Tube baby is a baby where the sperm and ovum made in a tube which is a way in the laboratory.
In the laboratory tube is made so that the place resembles the original mother womb. Made such that the temperature and the situation exactly the same as the original.

A few minutes ago, I saw okezone and find something interesting, Inul Daratista, who known as a dangdut star, birth a baby through fertilization in vitro process. We were already known that Inul and her husband, Adam Suseno have waited for a baby for 13 years. And finally, now, they have a baby boy named "Damares".

Damares born through caesar operation on 19 May 2009.
Well, I'm not Dangdut, even Inul's fans, but I really interested about "Fertilization in Vitro", and I just found about this, and wanna write about it. But I hope, I can get pregnant and bear children with normal^^. I'm a bit scared with this process actualy. Okay, these are the picture about "Damares", take a look :)

this is little Damares

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