July 10, 2010

Haircut :3

Hey! After almost 2 years I didn't cut my hair, finally this morning I went to the hairdresser, and got a haircut. For the last 4 months, I lost my signature hairstyle, which is my short bangs. And my mom asked me to put my bangs back, because she said it makes me looks cuter younger. 2 years ago, I cut my hair really short, I remember I was look like Dora the Explorer. Before I cut my hair today, I have a long hair, everybody said it looks so pretty, but the end of it looks unhealthy, also I colored my hair before, so that's why the color of my hair in the end is kind of different from my hair color near the root. Soooo, I cut it, I just said to the transgender hairdresser who cut my hair today, "Do whatever you think it'll looks good on me, but keep it long." And I got the long shaggy hair style, with a little bit of layer. I was pretty scared when I saw how much I lost my hair, buuuttt... I don't care no more, it looks fine for me, haha. Here several pics of my new face.

Ugly Lily :D

By the way, I talked with my old friend on Yahoo! Messenger this evening. His name is Gilang CP, he was my schoolmate when I was in kindegarden and elementary school. He moved to Bogor after graduated elementary school, and since that time I haven't meet him yet. But, we are still keep in contact, even though we're not really talk too often. Whenever I need advice about computer, I always ask him, because even since the first time I saw him, I saw him played a game on the computer (imagining 4 y.o. boys in 1996, the time when computer was not a 'normal' thing you see in every single home like right now). We played, hangman on the doodle, it was fun, we tried to guess teachers' name, friends' name etc.

Gilang is already accepted at Bina Nusantara University, he choosed IT, but he still waiting for the SNMPTN result, he still hoping he'll accepted at STEI ITB (I pray for you, fella!)

By the way, somebody has shine a light inside my heart, he is... Onyuuuuuuuu Oppaaaaaa~ He has a killer smile which is makes me... Melting ~_____~ Geez, I hate being a fan girl, because I know I'll never be able to reach him. But for now, what can I do is... Looking at his cutie face! Hahahaha, lol. Sorry for being out of topic.
Well then, that's all for tonite

*ps : I'm tryin to gettin ready for school, GEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZ, I need more holiday!

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