July 27, 2010


Honestly, I feel lonely right now. My friends are far apart from me. I don't have someone that I can really talk to. All I do these days just school, school, and school. I have pretty good relationship with my friends (juniors) at school. I talk with'em, I hang out with'em, but it just passed by school over. If I said I want to make up my relationship with my juniors, I'm confused, what should be maked up? Everything seems normal. I just feel so lonely because I don't have close friend like I used to. Friend that always ask me to do something, friend that can I ask to do some 'weird' stuff, friend that I can spend time after school with. Because no matter how close I am with my juniors, they still feel awkward toward me, we have such a 'kakak' barrier.

I miss my good friends.
Eci now lives in Bandung.
Vanya will moves really soon.
Rida now in Surabaya.
Rera will also moves to Bandung too.
My '3 brothers' are in Bandung.

At least I still have Nisa as my friend at school :)

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