September 5, 2010

My American Family

Yes, we're family :)

With my sister, Gabi, we were on the yard sale
My cutie Baby girl :) Miss ya so much
Ugly Coco, I miss doodling your tummy :p
Chloe the hyper dog, don't eat too much!
Sleep well, Mommy, Daddy, Baby and Coco :)
"Arrrwww" Mike my Daddy
Blake my big brother and Micah my sister, ready for the dance
My handsome sister, Micah and my pretty brother, Jordan
Hawthorn Sisterhood :)
Have a lunch together at a cafe
And in the end, we have to say goodbye :'(

Like 2 months ago, I was still there. Playing, arguing, shopping, watching, laughing with my American family. Even it just past 2 months, it feels time past so long already, and I miss 'em so badly :( The saddest part is, I don't know when I can meet 'em again, hopefully soon someday.

I miss my Mom's screaming in the morning when try to wake my sister up. I miss my Daddy deer chili in the winter. I miss Micah's annoying babble, I miss Gabi when she's singing "Jai Ho", I miss Baby when she scratch my room's door in the morning, I miss Coco and Chloe when they're asking for more food, I miss arguing with Blake, or riding four wheelers with Jordan. I miss Hawthorn family! I miss Hot Springs, Arkansas! Yes, I am an Arkansan, and I'm proud with it :)

*sorry for bad quality photos, I didn't retouch any of it ;) all is my personal doc.


volver said...

wah baru pertukaran pelajar ya ? mantap deh , btw salam kenal ya

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

iya baru pulang :) salam kenal juga ya :D

Naufal said...

Yang disini pada kangen semua..
Terri, Gail, Taylor, Mr. Evans, Ms. Miners..

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

waw, miss them so much too :)