September 7, 2010

Get a Hair Dye or No?

Well, I colored my hair twice. But I was not that satisfied with the result, it might because I did it by myself. And the other reason perhaps because my hair color is too dark (well it suppose to be a good thing right?). I have long hair right now, which I try to treat it pretty well. Last time I colored it, I didn't treat it that well, I use different kind of shampoo whenever I want to try new brand, that's why my hair was soooo bad, it was dry and so weird looking. That's why I'm kinda scared to color my hair again, I'm afraid it'll turn wrong, and in the end it'll just destroying my hair! Oh crap I don't want it!

I promised before, I'll never try to coloring my hair again, but........ I want to change my look so bad. I cut my hair before (well I put layer on it, I don't know it looks better or worse though haha), but I think I still look the same. I need something more drastic. I want red hair color like Onew's (well I want it red not because I like him, I just like red personally (I'm serious!))
How cute <3

So, how do y'all think? Should I? Do you think it'll looks good or bad on me? Need your suggestion please :)


dindasaurus said...

i reccomended you to coloured your hair with white. u try that at salon??por you choose to coloured it with TIPE-X..coz..the colour is the same "WHITE" oyou r if you use the colored,you'll looked so cutie.,and i have planning to colouring my hair with black shine=))))

*gimana ka..bahasa .alien gw?*

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

putih? ngga ah, ngga cocok aku jadi blondie gt, nanti kaya barbie lagi, aku ngga cocok jadi barbie :p
i think, i'll do it by myself.
bahasanya oke banget dah dinda, kewl.