February 26, 2011

My New Kitty Friend!

I got some new stuffs today, and all of them are really cute! So let me introduce you to...

KITTYPOUCH! My new cell phone pouch! A cute one right? I got it for only 16500IDR, isn't it really cute? Got it from Cindy gift shop (Ambassador Mall) today :)

And then the second one...
KITTYCASE! Yeaaay, got it for only 10000IDR, super cute stuff for good price haha, got it also at Ambassador Mall (don't remember the shop name tho).
Seriously, there are so many Kitty Stuffs at Ambassador Mall, I went crazy today! Saw too much hello kitty stuffs at once! Hahaha. Do you think it's not that crazy to buy a cell phone pouch and a pencil case in a same day? Wait to see my third stuff..

Yeaaaa, and my next hello kitty friend is..........




SAMSUNG CH@MP HELLO KITTY EDITION! Yeah you right! I got a new cell phone! And it is no way to deny how cute it is! You don't believe me that I got this cell phone? So you might see this one...
*Pardon my ugly face* As you see, I got this super cute cell phone! Oyeaaaaahhhh! This is a pretty rare item here in Indonesia, you might ask cellphone dealer and they gonna say 'they don't have this type of phone with hello kitty on it!'
So where did I get it?
I got it from kaskus and do you have an idea how much it is? It is only cost me 980000IDR (around US$100) Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaay I'm really happy with this phone, do you think it is cute? Are you going to get one too? You might ask me, and I'm gonna help you to get one ;)

O GOSSH!! I might not be able to sleep tonite! Hahaha!


fadiah said...

cie cie, tante punya hp baru.hahaha

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...


cripi-cri-mendoza said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SOOOOOOO CUTE!! i think that because of YOU, i am becoming a Hello Kitty Fan TOO!! :D haha!
wowww you did get a lot of stuff!!! but, totally worth it huh??!
here in the states, EVERY.SINGE.TIME. i see hello kitty's face, I REMEMBER YOU!! it is so sweet and i visited the Hello Kitty website and!!! OMG! there is so much stuff i want to send you!! i will soon!! ;)
it seems you are having a blast!! keep it up!!
i miss you! and i send you lots of love!! <3
-your friend, Christina

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

Yeah I know! I bet everybody's there gonna remember me whenever they see hello kitty! I'm so happy to got these stuffs! especially the phone..
I miss you really bad christina!