December 24, 2011


This is stupid huh? When you said you're a way prettier, I was nodding here, yes you're my sweet little dolly, you are more adorable than anything in this world. No compare. You are the one who shine through my heart so I can feel what people say as love. Yes I love you. The way you talk, you smile, you cry, I love every single detail about you. Even though you're not mine, and probably never be mine till forever, I am here to adoring you, to be your place to share your hectic mind, I am your fans, I am the one who love you whatever you do, whoever you love, and however your life is.

My lovey dolly, you are as fragile as little kid, and all I wanna do is protecting you from everything that gonna hurt you. When you cry, I am the one who really want to hug you and say "Everything is gonna be okay," well we both know everything is never be okay as it suppose to be, but anyway, at least when I could feel you here, beside me, everything is okay for me, I am a happiest person ever live on earth, I hope you feel the same, but I know you are not, haha this is ridiculous, just laugh at me please.

My precious treasure is you, I will keep you forever in my box, and my box is my heart, I will just simply throw the key to the ocean, so no one will find it, and no one could take you out from my treasure box. I love you, oh I love you my dear, I love you love you love you love you.

Please just laugh at me, please.


Guerrera said...

I like this so much Lily... :)


Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

really? this is sounds stupid cri.. haha anyway thank you and i miss youuuu