December 10, 2011

Only You

I want to meet you. I want to hold you. My feeling is speeding up, it's overflowing.
I love you. Only you. Only you.

Unconsciously, the number of sighs increase.
The coming history can't change.
Will my impatient feelings disappear one day?
My wish is placed into the distant sky.

The fact that I met you by living in this world;
It's a miracle. But it's more than that. But it's no less than what you think.

Koike Teppei - Kimi Dake

Kimi Dake means "Only You" in japanese. I posted this lyric long time ago in this blog, and this part of this song is kinda showing my feeling for now, haha I keep looking on one person, pathetic huh? But it is a miracle to meet such a person like him, and yes my feeling is overflowing. I told him that I love him, yes I did, and I already known what he gonna answer since before I told him. And he was nicely still being my friend instead of make a distance and try to leave me alone.

Oh yes I love him, I can't simply forgetting him and try to loving someone else, it is hard, I never felt love this sincere before. It is strange, yes I know, out there lots of guy probably better than him, but it is not about how cute his face is, or how generous he is, love is coming from nowhere and I'm feeling like protecting him. How can you listening to someone you love talking about the only people he loves the most in this universe without feeling hurt? And yeah, that's me, I'll do anything to make him feeling better, it is okay, please don't apologize me more because it is not your fault and there's no one blaming you.

I love you no matter who you are, I don't care even though you think that you're a sinner, a despicable and contemptible person in this world, I don't care how you hate yourself that much, all I know is I am into you. I'm not gonna waiting for you, I will just simply supporting you from your back, I'm not asking you to love me back, I'm okay with it as long as you still believe in me, make me as a person you gonna tell about your stories, a true best friend probably.

I love you yes that's true, and letting me to keep this feeling is the greatest gift you gave :)

maaf ya postingan nya galau abis hahahaha :p

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