February 5, 2012

Hat, hat, and hat!

Hats are everywhere! Yeay!
"Purple Pink Hat with a Fail PomPom" made by japanese yarn, model : Naufal Darari

"Green Windstopper" made by corduroy and curly yarn

"Caramel Color Hat" made by wool and japanese yarn

I also teach my best friend Inos to knit, and he made his own hat!
"Inos' Hat!" made by cotton yarn
Inos and I wearing our handmade hat :3

Besides hat, I also knit another thingies...

A soft lens case for Najmi (crochet)
Baby slipper for Faza's little niece
Unfinished shawl project (crochet)

And this weekend, I got a pretty hard job to do, I have to knit fiber! This task comes from my senior (a last year textile craft major student).
Fiber is everywhere!
Well yap, I'm in love with knitting, buttttttttttt this week my Mom sent her sewing machine to me, I got a new hobby yeaaaaaaaaay! Gotta make a lot of new things out of it :)

I know I was born to be a crafter haha XD

See ya!


Aldriana A. Amir said...

seneng deh kalo liat org yg suka bikin2 prakarya kyk gini, aku kurang sabar dan telaten huhu..

oya, proses bikin topi rajutan kupluk itu berapa lama, Ly?

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

hehehe mba dian bisa aja, ngegambar kaya mba dian juga butuh kesabaran dan ketelatenan kali........

kalo topi sih 3-4 jam juga jadi :) hehe