June 2, 2013

My life and random thought

Hello. My name is Lily, I am 21 years old. And yes it is 21-twen-ty-one; not longer an adolescent, but I still feel pretty weird to call myself an adult. 21 years is not a short time to live, I've experienced so many things; pain, sick, love, happiness, sadness, fucked up feeling, dissapointed, etc etc. But after all, eventho there are so many wretched things happen to me, I feel I am one of the most Saturnian person in the world.

I born to a hong-kong-nese father an a sundanese mother. My father was a clothing designer and my mother is (still) a crafty mama. I lived in a joyful dream when I was a little kid, I got anything I want; sometimes even I got something not fit with my age (like example. I got my first cell phone when I was 7 years old). But yes, just like in the drama or soap opera program in the television, some disasters occured, and I lost my 'opulence'. But I'm not gonna share more about those sappy thingy.

I grew into a justice seeker and a study oriented person in junior high. I didn't cheat, I did every single of my assignment fully hearty, I'm smart, good grades, teachers love me, participated in every organizations I could handle. That was the time I tried to be the best I can; well eventho that is not me (partially). However, with all of my achievements I've done, my Mom seems not pretty much impressed at all, or if she did, she was really good to hide it.

Then, I went to senior high school. On my tenth grade, I am still all I am was in my junior high; that time I wanted to be a doctor or an engineer, simple matter, doctors or engineers are pretty much get the high praise, and they're most likely rich. Then somehow, I don't know, on my 11th grade, I fell into  this 'wicked' way of life. I knew about the online games and stuffs. I started to skip school, wasted my money on game, played a lot, and fortunately I did draw more. At first, my mom didn't protest at all, my grades still fine, what I wasted is my own money, so she didn't find it disturbing, till I got a very bad grades on my second semester when I was in 11th grade. Actually my grade doesn't that bad, but all of my friends grade were going up and left me at the bottom three at the class rank; then I fucked up.

But it seems like fortune pretty much in affair with me, I got the scholarship to be an exchange student for a year, yap then I went to the United States. One year somewhere far away from my home I started to fixing my life, thinking more about my future, and so on. That time was my prime time for loving art; I live in a artsy family but never thought that it'll be my way of life. I drew so may pictures, captured so many photos, made computerize thumbnails, tried pottery, 3d sculpture, painting, etc, and I am in love. So then after I'm back to Indonesia, I made up my mind and really certain to take art and design major at the university, then again luck is always be my middle name, ITB accepted me, and I am officially an art student there.

Art isn't get that much praise here. But I am always proudly say that I am an art student, and yes, because of my pride, no one never try to put me down. When someone ask me what I want to do in the future I said "I want to be anything that I could enjoy my life with, and don't forget, I'll be successfull and hopefully rich so I can do anything I want." And I don't know why, nowadays anytime I meet my mom, she always show me how much she is pride of me.

The key is, do whatever you love to do the most fully hearty. Life is much more better and easier after you did :)



Azka Bastaman said...

kesentil kak bacanya :"

Anonymous said...

glad to read your writing. I've been waiting for the updates you know. I always enjoy your blog. Especially the spirit you show in your writing!

Keep up!

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

@azka : haha sentil balik sini :p

@anon : how sweet of you :) thank you :) i'll write as much as i can :D