January 21, 2015

Wednesday Morning Before Work Picnic; Alun-Alun Bandung

So I decided to do a little picnic and asked several of my friends (from my current workplace) to join me. We prepared our fancy teapot, bought a full tint of cookies and decided to held the picnic at one of the current hippest place in our town; Alun-Alun Bandung (Bandung Town Hall).

The Alun-Alun itselfs located on the front of Masjid Raya Bandung (Bandung Big Mosque) which was just renovated a few weeks ago (now we have a humongous and nice synthetic grass field for a town hall, yay!). We planned to gather at around 7 AM, but the rain poured so we decided to delay it until around 9 AM.

The grass was a little bit wet at that time, but it wasn't a big deal for us. We prepared our tea (apple tea was chosen at that time), and had a very nice picnic session this morning! 5 friends are joined me; they are Adi (I usually call him Om Adi), Adhi, AW, Neng Nurul, and Rendy. Here are several pictures that we took on our picnic routine:

Pour pour the apple tea~

O! It's me with Masjid Raya Bandung as the background

Tea, cookies, and friends

The girls (from left to right: AW, Neng, Lily)

The boys (from left to right: Om Adi, Rendy, Adhi)

It was a great day! After we finished with our fancy picnic, I went to the Bandung Central Post Office (which is located exactly in the front of Alun-Alun). I was asking a few questions regarding international package postal service and bought some beautiful stamps (which I will post about tomorrow on my other blog; Lilianka & Lilico). Then, on noon we are back to our office and doing our job! By the way, I haven't told anyone here; now I am working as a creative strategist at Growbox. I will tell you more story about my brand new job later, okay! By the way have a great day anyone!



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Septia Sembiring said...

Hai I just found your post about your acne journey dan langsung ketagihan baca dari yang awal - awal banget. Dan kita sama! *padahal baru ketemu 2 kesamaan -_-* Sekarang aku baru lulus kuliah, dulu suka banget sama ayodance dan buku - buku dari Khaled Hosseini!! Buku dia bener - bener bikin patah hati :'( padahal baru baca yang Thousand Splendid Sun sama Kite Runner tapi itu bener2 heartbreaking banget

Sekarang nyadar kalau aku keponya keterlaluan HAHA udah baca semua post kamu dan enak banget buat baca karena cara penulisan kamu ringan banget ! :)))