October 17, 2010

I would love to study at JCU Singapore because... BECAUSE IT'S JCU SINGAPORE BABY!

Hey! There is just two reasons why I really want to study at JCU Singapore. Just TWO? Yes, because I'm a simple person, I gather my thought, and finally I found these 2 best reasons which can capture all of my other reasons! Let's check it out!!

The first one...
its singapore

Yeaah as simply as it! Because it is SINGAPORE BABY! Who doesn't want to continuing study there? Singapore is well known as one of the asia country who has really high quality not only in education, but also in every fields! Full of hi-tech technology, modern industry, bling-bling shopping center, nice scenery, good food, diversity and multicultural culture! The other reason? Well, Singapore relatively close to my country Indonesia, so it'll be easy if I want to visit my family occassionally, and also, because of it's multicultural culture, you can simply find not only Indonesian food there, but also Chinese, Indian, or western food also! So I'll never get a really bad homesick there for sure! Not enough reason for you to continuing study there? Should I give you another GOOD reason? Well let's check this one out...
(Clickable pic, direct to JCU fanpage at Facebook :D)

Well this is the second reason, I want to study there because there is JAMES COOK UNIVERSITY in Singapore! Do you know what JCU is? Well let me tell you, JCU Singapore was founded in 2003, when you study there, you'll get the same quality and level just like if you study at JCU Australia! JCU Australia itselfs, rank as top 4% university in the world! JCU Singapore offers you study program for bachelor and also master degree in a lot of fields, such as bussiness, environtmental science, IT, public relation, psychology, and also tourism! Wow, it is not very cool? 
For further info about JCU Singapore, just visit their website http://www.jcu.edu.sg/  or simply be fans of their facebook fanpage :)

So, is that enough reason for me to go to JCU Singapore? Yeah of course! But I have some specific wishlists if I really can go there. The first one is, I can spread Indonesian culture over there and learn a lot of others culture, like I told you, with the various people and ethnics in Singapore, I can learn a lot of new stuff! I sounds thrilling! The second one is, I want to make a lot of new friends! I suppose it'll help me a lot in the future, networking is a really good thing to do :) The third one, I WANT TO GET BACHELOR DEGREE overseas, and JCU Singapore is one of my goal! I want to study tourism there, so I can travelling overseas a lot, make a lots and lots of new friends later (also make good money in the future, kekeke).

So, is it persuade you to also go and study at JCU Singapore? I'm sure you feel interest right now! So do I! If you appreciate what I write here, please help me to like my pic at JCU Fanpage,
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Love and Hugs :)



Astri Kunto - owner - said...


lucu banget blognyaaa.
salam kenal yaa, semoga kita menang aiped di PB 2010 :D
sampe ketemu disanaa :D

Swastika Andi said...

I give you my thumb, baby! ha ha ha salam kenal. Nice post!

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

@ kak astri : semoga sama-sama menang ya kaaaak :D
sampe ketemu di pb 2010!!

@ kak swastika : salam kenal juga :D makasih 'thumb' nya :D

(ps : I call everybody's older than me by 'kak')