October 24, 2010

Losing spirit

I just so tired with all of this crap. I hate school. I'm tired with all of these science stuffs, those are driving me crazy (seriously). It makes me feel awful whenever I see peoples, studying, day and night, monday to sunday, because simply I can't be like that. The reason? I just feel... It is not my natural ability, to learn something I don't like, continuously.

I know I'll not take those kinda exams though. I'll not participating in SIMAK UI, UTUL UGM, UMB, or even SNMPTN. So what I have to do? Preparing for national exam?

I'm so tired, and losing my spirit for now. Need someone to bring my mood up. It is you? I'm waiting for you.


audrey said...

oh, lily guess what im feeling the same thing right now!!! D: suntuuuuuuk -____-"

minggu dateng ya jam 1 li :)

^^Pinkz^^ said...

hi lily.. waiting for who? lol..
still remember me?? hehe.. Gw pingkan.. yg td mnta fto bareng waktu di pesta blogger..
mampir yaa k bLog gw..


Ria Aryani said...

Heloooo lily..met jumpa lwt blog yah.hihihihihi
ternyata,km baek + ramah yah,n berprestasi bgt smpe jd mahasiswi pertukaran ke amerika..I'm proud u...

aq ud follow km nih.follow back yah, dreamworld-fullinside.blogspot.com
thx a lot :D

novelya said...

hi lily,oy gw kmrn yang ketemu di pesta blogger,,kayaknya seru yah acaranya..kalau ada lagi gw pengen ikutn...

btw mampir k blog gw y...hehe

Anonymous said...

hey sis .. i need to write as anonym cuz u know how it is me and computer :D something like Micah .. :D .. lol .. so .. why the f*** r u losing spirit ? u cant remember what u were saying to me in states ? what u were teaching me ? that it is important to study hard and get to good university cuz this is only way for us to get a good job and have pretty good money from this job, what equals to the good life... but studyin for u was always something more than just studying ? idk what happended , just hope that it is just bad period of time. u r smarty :) my smarty!! girl who is veery veery smart and clever. Do ur best and that way reach ur goals and dreams!!! I love you so much! Gabby

Christina Mendoza said...

yes, um, my name is Christina Mendoza and I agree completely with Gabby!!!
You OF ALL PEOPLE I KNOW! WORK SOOOOOOOOO HARD!!! you never give up Lily! you are not a quitter !!!
:D I am sure this negative episode of your life will pass...just remember that life is a movie, do whatever you want, but always remember that what you do is being recorded, if you want those things to be only good clips...then you have to be a good actress...you are the director and the actor...
whatever you end up doing....always know its being recorded... :)
always strive to get a five star rating :) you will do fine Lily i know...EVERYONE HATES SCHOOL AND STUDYING !! some more than others....so, this is normal...you are not crazy...ahahahaha!!!

Lily I miss YOU!! :*
good luck! :)

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

aww thanks for all of y'all support :D

@audrey : sori kemaren ga dateeeng huhuhu, yea, it's so damn tiring, school sucks, but we cant do nothing... mari berjuang sama2 :D

@pinkz : iya nanti aku follow yaaa :D
iya inget koook :3 makasih ya udah mampir

@ria aryani : haha, jadi malu :3 aku follow yaa :D makasih udah mampir ke blog aku :D

@novelya : iya mau mampir, tp kamu ngga ninggalin url huhuhu, gimana yaa?

@gabby : oh my lovey dovey! thanks for your support, i loveee you so bad! yeah, i'm in a bad period of my life... you know, life isn't easier here, school it's a million times harder -__-. but thanks for you attention, youre my best sister ever! love you so muuuuccch! ♥

@christina : i miss you too! i like you comparing life with a clip, i agree with you, i have to make my life precious! thank you so much, you such a good friend of mine :) hope your college life happier than my school life! haha, love you :*

Aldriana A. Amir said...

Lilyyy, SEMANGAAAATT!! Huhuu.. baru main ke sini lg.. Udah telat jg ya postingannya, haha..
Sekarang udah kembali bersemangat lg kaann..? :)

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

udah lebih baik siiiih :)alhamdulilah :DD semoga kedepannya lancar! doain aja yaaa