November 3, 2010

Pesta Blogger+ 2010

Last saturday, I went to Pesta Blogger+ 2010 (Blogger Party+ which is the biggest event for bloggers like me :3 It was so much fun, I met with my blogger community, Rumah Blogger Bandung and hang out with them all day long. But too bad, I can't upload all the pictures when I was there, because my friend, Fahrizi who has the camera, just too lazy to uploading it now, so whenever he upload the photos, I'm going to post it asap. Btw, you know what, me and my friends, Vicky and Dini, won the narciss lypsinc competition! Yeah we did thing like Sinta-Jojo, but we did it a lot crazier than that. We lypsinc-ing Saykoji's song called 'Narsis' this is the print screen for the video :
Vicky, Lily, and Dini as "Trio Maung *rraaar*"

and this is the link to watch those 'crazy' video :p 
 I just have another pic of mine there,
Somebody asked me to took pic with them, and I reuploaded it here :)
The girl with red shirt named Pinkan, the green shirt named Ria, and The blue one named Novelya. Idk the other :p

So, I can wait for the next Pesta Blogger, which is will be held next year :) Hope it'll be funer than this one! I love blogging!


Aina Izumi said...

Hello k Lily :)
Waah senangnya bisa ikut Pesta Blogger...
Saia g bisa ikut...
Abis jauh dari rumah...
Oh ya,,,
Kacamatanya mirip punya CL di MV "Fire"...tapi garis2nya beda...
Btw,chukkae ya kak...atas kemenangannya... :)

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

@aina : hehehehe iya asik loh bisa ikutan pesta blogger :DD

haha mirip cl? asik doong, ya walau hanya kacamatanya takpapa lah :p
gomawooo :3

^^Pinkz^^ said...

Me like it.. :)
Thx 4 upload this pic dear..

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

I like it too :)
youre welcome :D