November 5, 2010

More Pics from PB+2010

Wanna share some more pics from Pesta Blogger+ 2010 from what I promised yall before :) enjoy!
RB Bandung @ Pesta Blogger+ 2010 (Lily, Sapi, Dini, Vicky)

Me @ PB+ 2010

Trio maung! Rrraaar (Lily, Dini, Vicky) *pardon my ugly face

Trio Maung in action!

anak hilang...

Pretend that we ate in those Chinese Restaurant (RB Bdg: Piji, Dini, Vicky, Sapi, Lily)

Goin crazy at MyGamma booth

Trio Macan (Mas Eko, Sapi, Piji) ft. Lily from Trio Maung

Hope that I'm a little bit taller...

Can't wait for then next Pesta Blogger! Love that moment! See yaaaa :)

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