April 8, 2011

Wait for hell-olily.com, fellas!

Hei y'all! Do you know what, soon I will launch my first website! Yea yea yea... Now the site is under construction, and you can take a peek here (click click clicko!)

I still can't give you info about when the exact date of my website launching will be. But I do believe it gonna be on May this year. I have to wait until I finished my national exam, and I'm also waiting for my childhood friend, Gilang until he finished his mid semester test to help me with the web-design thingy (okay I'm not good at it, need a help for this one haha)

ps : Gilang is my friend since kindergarten. I haven't meet him for the last 7 years, hahaha. But I do talk with him in internet. He is kind-of-compie-geek, but it is really cool because he is really good with those thing. First time I met him, I saw him playing pinball game on the computer, well, at that time, I was a kindergartener who didn't even understand how to turn on and use the computer hahaha.
I'm the one who wore white dress, and Gilang is the one wore blue suit (4th person from the left)

So, how about my website? What will be inside those site? Okay, my plan is... I want to make it a one stop site for all of my convenience. I'm gonna make it my portfolio, blog, gallery, online shop, etc etc... Duh I just can't wait!

Sooo, wait for my site okay!


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