January 7, 2013

Hari ke7 : Merchandise(s), thank you!

So, last Sunday, my good-good-friend Bebop went back from China, and guess what I got from him!
I got a sudden heart attack! Hahaha, yep he gave me a pack of postcards! It contains 30 postcards with various cute illustrations made by a chinese artist (I couldn't read his name haha, it is written in Chinese, promise I'll ask my friend how to pronounce it later :p). This is the best gift I received in a last 2 years (the best one before was my 2009 christmas gift from my lovely sissy Gabi, it was a hello kitty toaster! find it here), he does really know me that well, he knows I love post-card-and-snail-mail-ing! I love you Bebop! Promise the first one is going directly to your house!

Also, on that day I received a super cool journal from Bu Tarlen, my boss at Tobucil :3
Thank you and thank you so much! I love the cover color so so much! And I will write so many things inside later :D

And yes I am so happy this week, thank you for all gifts and also help I received! I love my life, I love y'all also :) Thank you thank you thank you!

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