February 3, 2013


I apologize for my missing blogging day. I suppose to write on my blog every single day till January 31st. But unfortunately I had to stop and just finished the first 20 days. Messed up, huh?

So, where I've been?

Well, for your info, I am currently in a pretty bad health condition. My health issue started on last December and getting worse eventually. You can find me bright and cheerful in the morning and collapsing in a few hours. Or, I could be look very hearty all day long and then messed up at night.

What causes it? It started from my bad eating habit. I actually love to eat, I have no problem eating, but if there is no food near me, I am such a slacker, I can live a day or two without eating. At the beginning nothing   happens, then after a week or so, whenever I missed a mealtime, my head grows heavy. Sometimes it just a normal headache, or sometimes it is a migrain thingy. Nausea and stiff muscle sometimes occur during my headache period.

Then, I tried to fix my eating habit, but unfortunately it was already too late. Now, the headache just coming from nowhere with no reason. And yes, the headache worsen, sometimes in a few days I usually attacked by the worst one. World around me start spinning and couldn't stop moving. Then a doctor said it is called vertigo. Ah great.

My last vertigo relapse occured last night. I swallowed a sleeping pill and droved unconscious, well yeah better than a bad nausea feeling. So, yes, I ain't really well right now. I bet I already lost some pounds, all of my pants seems like growing bigger.

Besides this stupid vertigo, I have a dust allergic and sensitive eyes. And yes, sometimes this trio coming up together and trying to kill me even more. Oh my, I feel like a crap. I better figure out something to make my condition back to normal... Pray for me, will you?


Aldriana A. Amir said...

semoga lekas pulih kembali, Ly.. supaya bisa berkaya lagi! :D

Aldriana A. Amir said...

hihi, typo. maksudnya berkarya :P

Fian Syauqi said...

Get well soon ...

salam kenal ya..

eh gabung ke grup blogger personal yuk kalau berminat..


dijamin banyak teman :)