December 30, 2013

Lily is on Holiday! On Instagram too!

What a bad bad blogger I am, it's been almost 2 months since my last post huh? I am so sorry but I'll write more next year promise (my new year resolution hehe). Anyway, the reasons why I didn't write for a long time are...

1. End of the term tests and assignments
Those assignments really drained my energy. For my main studio assignment, I had to make a set of tableware and 9 basic forms structure with handbuilt technique. And then I had to make a tote bag for my fashion accesories class. Then, fashion illustration for fashion management class; decal and glaze application for pottery decoration class; a company profile and research on entrepreneur for craft entrepreneurship class; and bunches of papers for the other classes.. Hahaha, I just finished with the last paper, and I'm soooooo relieve! Woohooo!
my tableware ready for bisque firing

fashion illustration
tote bag for fashion acc class

The reversed side of the tote bag (yes it is reversible!)

2. Finishing the orders
Yep, last month I got an order from my friend Dika to make a couple knitted sling bags for his friend marriage anniversary. It was great, the only issue I got was how to attach the zipper nicely to the a bag with dimension (never really done that before). I did a few experiment and finally found a way to do it and I am so happy with the result!!
attaching the zipper, yep by hand!

The first one..

The second one!

3. Holiday!!
Yeah, I'm on holiday now! I flied to Bali on the 17th of December (before my end of the term test actually over lol), so I bring my stuffs to finishing my assignment here. I even need to sent my tote bag way back to Bandung to let my friend pass it to my lecturer haha. Anywayyy, why suddenly I came to Bali? The answer issss, my beloved lunchmate is comin all the way to Bali, Indonesia! Yeah, I meant that, my lunch mate back then when I was still in Arkansas. She is comin with her boyfriend and friend, and we're spending good times here in Bali! In addition, tomorrow, we will go to Lombok and Gili Trawangan Island! How that sound?? Guhhh-reattt! We love the beaches and the foods and everything :)


Layin on the sand, yeaaah
Any way if want to catch more of my holiday pics and my daily life photos, please do follow my instagram account @lmeilani :D You'll find how I livin my suppah amazing life through pictures there! hohoho.

And yeah, that's all for now, this post is the last post in 2013 so I hope you guys have a great new year! Happy new year! Happy vacation!!!

Love, Lily


Adityar said...

Wow. I died on the 3rd photo.

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

Mati kenapa? Jangan mati dong andis!!!

Adityar said...

Kerana foto ke tiga itu terlalu membahana ~

Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

Berbakat jadi model ya lily :3

Adityar said...

Hahaha. Banget. Ekspresinya itu loh. Ganahan.